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Is pain during sex pleasurable?

A lot is going around the internet regarding this topic, and it has ever since become debatable. Are sex and pain pleasurable? Note that pain is relative in this context, and by relative, it could be pleasurable or otherwise. There are, however, several outcomes to having sex and the reasons why sex could be regarded as painful. Some persons have since disagreed that sex is not meant to be painful since sex on its own is a form of pleasure. So since when did pleasure and relaxation become the same as pain?

This topic is quite exciting and educating, and if you want to make the best of it, you should probably read to the very end.

Is there any relationship between pain and sex?

The simple answer is yes, there are instances when sex could be regarded as painful, and one of them is having hardcore sex. If you’ve seen some hardcore porn videos, you’d understand what it takes to have hardcore sex and how tiring it could be. However, you should note that hardcore sex is not in any form a way of torturing or misusing one another; instead, it is kinky mainly and preferential. While some individuals enjoy slow and romantic sex, others want it fast and furious, which could come with some pain. Here are some of the various relationships between pain and sex:


As mentioned above, some individuals do not find slow and romantic sex as enjoyable as having it rough. The best way to know which your partner wants is by asking them. Be sure you are doing it the right way because it could strengthen or destroy the relationship as the issue of sex is quite delicate in romantic relationships. So, with BDSM, you are sure to understand that pain is inevitable. However, in this context, pain is not there to cause the other personsuffering. Instead, it’s a form of kink or could be a form of exploiting one’s sex life. Hence, pain could be very pleasurable in BDSM. If you want to be chocked and whipped, you’d better get your BDSM toys ready.

Hardcore orgies/gangbangs:

Here’s another practical example of the core relationship between pain and sex. Having hardcore orgy parties/gangbangs would feature pain and pleasure. Most times, individuals in these forms of sex love adventure and exploring their sexual orientations and desires. So, the best way to ensure this is by going out of the ordinary (having regular sex) to having hardcore sex and orgies. You should see some hardcore porn to understand how hardcore orgies and gangbang parties look like. It’s always exciting and highly engaging.

So, yes, sex and pain could be used in the same context, and discomfort in sex could be pleasurable. However, be sure to note your partner is giving your full consent before introducing pain to the big picture. Inflicting pain on your partner during sex could be tagged as rape or sexual abuse. So, seek consent first, and you should be good to go from there.