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Mastering the Art of Love: 9 Tips for Being a Better Lover

Those with a growth mindset know there’s always something new to learn and areas to improve. The same applies to your love life and the skills you have. Even though relationships thrive on connections, we cannot ignore the power of sexual connection. Being a better lover can improve your existing relationship or a new one. Let’s see how you can elevate your intimacy game and become a better lover.

Master effective communication

Effective communication is the basis of successful relationships. It’s the key to being a better lover as well. As you learn to communicate properly about sex, by choosing the right time, the right tone and the right location, your sex life is bound to improve. It’s about learning about your partner and lovingly expressing your needs.

Stop the instant gratification practices

Whether it’s through watching porn or masturbating, getting used to instant gratification can affect your performance in bed. Women are different then men, they need more time and foreplay to get aroused, not to mention to climax. When you’re so used to instant gratification, you probably won’t be able to withhold your orgasm and last long enough for your lady to finish. Stop the instant gratification practices so you’ll enjoy the real thing more when it happens.

Emotional connection matters

There’s a bond between emotional and physical intimacy, and it’s undeniable. There’s a saying that women need to feel loved to want to be physical with a partner to build an emotional connection.  Emotional connection enhances the depth of physical connection.

Try new things

Routine kills your sex life. Suppose you don’t bring novelty into your relationship through spending quality time together, sharing experiences, and even spending time apart. In that case, your bed performance will also become routine. It will be like the greatest hits album – you’ve already heard all the songs too many times. Explore new activities both in and out of the bedroom. Trying something new together can reignite the excitement and passion in your relationship.

Don’t skip the foreplay

Foreplay is not just the prelude to the main act, it’s the precondition for a mutually pleasurable experience. It’s also great if you have performance anxiety, as you can use an enhancer like Kamagra and enjoy foreplay while you wait for it to kick in. You can easily buy Kamagra online and experiment with different forms of foreplay to discover what works most for your partner and you.

Take care of your body

If you’re not in good shape, your performance might suffer. Not only that, but it will affect your self-esteem and the overall vibe you exude. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and overall well-being can positively impact your energy levels, confidence, and desire. In addition, physical exercise increases testosterone levels, thus boosting your sexual drive.

Keeping the fire alive

When romance fades away, so does connection and the sexual drive. If you’re not attracted to your lover, you won’t be interested in being a better lover for them. At some point, even the last remnants of intimacy might fade away. So, keep the romance alive by using small gestures to show love to your partner, small acts of love and kindness and plan regular date nights. Keeping the fire alive is necessary to keep the spark alive.

Open the conversation about fantasies

Fantasies are a tool to infuse your relationship with something new. It can also trigger new levels of arousal, thus affecting overall sexual performance for both partners. Create a safe space for open conversations about fantasies. Being vulnerable about your desires and willing to explore them together can deepen your connection and add new dimensions to your intimacy.

Be present

If there’s something constantly on your mind or you’re under stress, you won’t be in the mood nor have high performance as a lover. Being present when it’s so easy to get distracted in the modern world is a real skill. The way to practice being in the moment during intimacy is to focus on sensations, emotions, and the connection you share with your partner.

Lastly, intimacy and connection need a reboot once in a while. Especially after going through a rough patch, seeking help and getting professional guidance, whether through couples therapy or attending intimacy education workshops, can provide valuable insights and tools for navigating any rough patches.