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The big dance: 5 awesome ways to start the bucks party

You know it and we know it, too: your mate’s bucks party should be large. Not even large in the outrageously inebriated, being idiots all over town sense of the word, but large in the way that it should be a big day of fun for you, your buck and your best crew.

And whilst it’s always good to end the night at a club or the best strippers Sydney could possibly provide, there are also many other great ways to start this big day or night before moving onto the more bawdy entertainment.

So, what are some awesome ways to start the bucks party? What events are top fun before moving onto some naughty entertainment at a world class strippers?

Let’s find out below:

  1. Paintballing

Anyone who has ever done paintballing has a pretty ripper time – pacifist or not, and it’s one of the most outrageously fun ways to start your mate’s Sydney bucks party.

The game is simple: you and your mates get split into teams and essentially run around blasting each other with paintballs.

It’s seriously good fun, and Sydney isn’t short of awesome places to have it out with some of those slightly stinging, paint-filled pellets.

  1. Go-karting

Another great way to start the bucks with a little competition is go-karting – and why not? Go-karting is classic fun, and is something that can be enjoyed whether celebrating with your soon-to-be-wedded mate or any other time of year, really.

Once again, Sydney is a city that is full of great go-karting spots, so round the fellas up, get ‘em out to a track and take each other on for the crown of “The Crew’s Best Driver”.

  1. Booze cruise

Sydney sure is a beautiful city, taking the crown as having the world’s most stunning harbour. And what better way to experience our incredible waterfront than with an awesome bucks party booze cruise?

The perfect way to start the lavish party before heading on to the strippers, bucks cruises will take you around the harbour with everything you need to truly get the party started.

  1. Whiskey tasting

Does your buck have a taste for the finer things in life? Are they the type to be truly satisfied kicking back in an armchair with a glass of fine Scotch Whisky? If so, a whiskey tasting experience will be perfect to get the bucks started.

Sydney’s myriad of distilleries and workshops provide awesome whiskey tasting experiences, allowing you, your buck and your crew to try some of the finest whiskey this connoisseur-filled country has available!

  1. Lawn bowls & BBQ

If you’re looking to have a more lowkey affair, one that doesn’t necessarily include booze-fuelled cruises or shooting your mates with paint-filled bullets, then why not just get the fellas together for a spot of bevved-up lawn bowls?

Lawn bowls are a great way for you and your mates to catch up, have a few beers, perhaps get the club barbie going and shoot the breeze before the night starts to get a bit rowdier…

Now it’s time for the strippers

Okay, you’ve got the pleasantries out of the way. You’ve apologised to your mate for paintball shooting him in the groyne, you’ve seen the harbour from the comfort of a booze cruise, now it’s time to head on to the strippers for some seriously cheeky fun.

If it’s cool with your mate and his bride, the strippers are always a fun way to enjoy a little naughty fun before your mate goes and settles down, providing a little fun and excitement before the big day comes around!