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What should you do as a single in Perth?

As a single person in Perth , you are probably sick of being asked out, seeing couples everywhere and feeling left out. Well being single isn’t so bad, but if you want to ease the pain, why not try some of these ideas to inject that special something into your life?

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Get a new hobby

This one usually applies to people who are single for the first time. Competing with couples can be hard because their time is spent together and it can make you feel like you’re not meeting your half of the relationship. This is where hobbies come in! Money and time permitting, try and pick up a new skill or learn something different that will take your mind off of other relationships. You could learn how to play the ukulele , finally master baking that cake, or spend some QT learning French ! There’s so many things out there to do – find what interests you and put as much effort as possible into it so it becomes your passion!

Join clubs

As well as having individual interests, joining a club can bring a whole new meaning to your life. You’ll be joining people who have similar interests as you and you’ll all be doing them together, which will make you feel less left out from having a ‘buddy’. Take a look at the different clubs in Perth – there’s heaps! From bookclubs to running to knitting, join whatever grabs your attention.

If nothing else piques your interest, why not try looking up things on the internet? There’s lots of groups for singles that do meet-ups and other events that are put online so you don’t have to risk meeting a psycho.

Get Out There!

And if you want some more ideas, here are they:

1- Go on holidays! Travelling is one of the best ways to get over the single feeling. It gives you a chance to relax, do what you want when you want and come back with stories to tell of your adventures.

2- Get some pets! Whether it’s a dog or cat, something furry will be there to greet you after a long day at work or wake you up when you oversleep.

3- Get connected! Join clubs, associations and groups to broaden your social circle. It’s easier to meet people with similar interests than it is on the street or at a barbeque by yourself .

4- Get outdoors! Your body will thank you for taking up an activity like hiking, cycling or swimming not to mention your mind will be much clearer.

5- Improve yourself! Maybe it’s learning another language, acquiring a new skill, or just getting fitter . The possibilities are endless.

6- Get cultured! Visit galleries, the theatre and music shows to broaden your mind. Life is for living so get out there and see what Perth has to offer.

7- Get a life! All work and no play is not a recipe for happiness. Mix up your routine , try new things, have some fun and show yourself that being single isn’t the end of the world! Because it’s just the beginning! “My name is Greg” – Man on Western Australia TV ad.