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6 best tips for lovers

Sometimes in our life we have a moment to ourselves where we feel like doing nothing, or reading ourselves some interesting advice, for example about our relationship. Therefore, today we have prepared for you some interesting advice, which you can also implement into your life!

1 Girls love sweets

There’s no denying that women love sweets. There are plenty of recipes for handmade candies – just remember to pack it originally, otherwise the woman will think that instead of making it herself, we bought it in the shop. Creativity will be your big plus here, so if you want to surprise your partner, think about making handmade candies for her.

2 Don’t be selfish in bed!

Everyone has erogenous areas that can be stimulated if properly stimulated. When we talk about such areas in a man, the penis is the most obvious, in women it is practically the whole body, but the nipples, clitoris and buttocks are places of increased sensitivity. Some guys also like it when a woman massages their crotch with her hand or even a similar movement during masturbation. There are also some hidden points, like below Adam’s apple, which can be very important places for arousal. Spanking can also help to relax before the main act of sex. While you’re at home, you can use this time productively, and simply try out the new and interesting erotic items you can find on the Internet. Naturally, also remember not to hurt yourself too much during sexual stunts, because some injuries can stay with you for the rest of your life. And that’s what no one would want, isn’t it?

3 Cooking together

Cooking together requires good coordination of partners, not to mention flawless communication between them, if you cook something more ambitious than spaghetti in bolonegnese sauce. Naturally, this is a great way to strengthen your current relationship with your partner, but if we don’t have enough patience, it can end up badly for us.

4 Build something for your partner

Everyone likes to do something out of nothing sometimes. Such a joint project is a nice way to spend time with each other, of course, as long as the communication between you is flawless – what is really supposed to come out of it. It’s so cool that you can even arrange to do something functional, which will bring you satisfaction not only because you did it together, but also because it was useful in your everyday life.

5 Mess a little with the mind of your partner

Sometimes it’s enough to just take an interest in what our partner is dealing with. If we show him that we are interested in what he does and then enjoy his success, his motivation to push will increase further.

6 Tell him/her that you love her

It may seem pretty pathetic, but honestly telling someone “I love you” is very important in any relationship, no matter how many times you wouldn’t tell your partner. Naturally if you’re in a relationship just to get some, it’s irrelevant to you, but if you’re really enjoying living with that person, you should consider telling them that from time to time.