Buying a Sex Toy for Women: 4 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid Upon Usage

One of the best things about sex toys is that you can use them in whatever way you like. Because it is your body, you decide what tools you use and how. It’s like going on a fun journey. In addition, popular culture has contributed to the widespread availability of sex toys online in Singapore; however, are you aware of how to maintain your health while having a good time in the sack? Whether you’re new to sexual wellness or have tried a variety of vibrators, you may be making mistakes when it comes to maintaining your sex toys.

Avoid these mistakes after buying a dildo in Singapore.

1. Improper/Lack of Hygiene

A clean toy will last longer and keep you safer. Using a dirty or worn-down toy is not just disrespectful to your genitalia but also poses a health risk, as bacteria on the toy could enter the urethra and cause an infection. While not guaranteed, a UTI is less likely if your dildo is cleaned well in Singapore.

2. Ignore the Instructions

It’s human nature to want to play with a brand-new Lovense Lush straight away, despite the presence of accompanying instructions. However, there are usually several arguments against doing so. Moreso, it is recommended that you fully charge any battery-operated toys before using them for the first time. Similar advice for toys that don’t require batteries. Learning the proper way to fasten a safety harness will likely save you a lot of hassle.

3. No Lubrication

The benefits of using lube for solo sex can be just as great, if not greater, than when using it with a partner. Foreplay required to lubricate oneself before engaging in self-gratification is often beyond the time and attention spans of a couple. In addition to the potential for discomfort and irritation, experts warn that you run the risk of vaginal tearing any time you don’t use lube for your adult toys in Singapore because you aren’t naturally wet enough.

4. Assume a Sex Toy Can Replace a Person

It is a rampant mistake people make after purchasing a sex toy for women. It is vital to remember that sex toys can’t replace a human partner or replicate the sensations of having sexual relations with another person; they are designed to complement and expand upon sexual encounters between two people. Therefore, sex toys are great for private time, but remember that your vibrator can’t comfort you when you’re lonely.

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