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Do You Know That Male Pornstars Use Pills For Sexual Performance?

Yes, male porn stars do use certain pills to enhance their sexual power and to make them become the super men in sex as we are all made to believe whenever we watch them perform on screen. This may sound ridiculous to some people but the truth is the truth. It is my intension to delve into some types of pills which these male adult industry actors use. Hang on because what you are about to read may keep you in awe.


Admiration For Male Pornstars

I used to admire these guys. I remember the first time ever that I watched a porn movie in my life. I can blame my cousin for that. He was, is and will be my role model in a lot of things. He is 5 years older than me but that was never an issue in our interactions. He taught me the very first steps of having sex. I had sex for the very first time at the age of 15 being seduced by my older sister’s best friend who was 21 years old at that time. 

As a teenager, I used to sneak and browse those porn magazines. While I was in college, we used to spend our past times watching porn videos in the student hostels. This was when I started to admire these male porn stars and their prowess in banging multiple women and never seem to tire. I wished I had the same power and so did everybody else. 

Admired Peter North

I used to admire a particular pornstar in those days. His name was Peter North. He was popularly called “The King Of Cum Shots” because of his ability to release massive amounts of cum dowsing his female sex partners. Later on and thanks to the advancement in technology and to the advent of the internet, I came across a video clip in which Peter North claimed that he uses a certain brand of herbal pills for sexual performance. That was when I became aware of things I didn’t know before and I made a decision. 

Christopher Zeischegg’s Demise

A bombshell came when Christopher Zeischegg was hospitalized and the news had it that this was due to his abuse of sexual enhancement pills. He was using too much of these pills. He was experimenting with Cialis, Viagra as well as a number of sexual enhancement products to the extent that he became addicted. He lost his job as a porn actor due to this abuse of his. In my opinion, I think it came at the right time because this guy almost lost his life as a result of the abuse.

Kayden Kross Explained

Another proof that male pornstars use pills to last long in sex came from none other than Kayden Kross. In an interview with a magazine, she claims that her male colleagues pop in a pill or two some minutes before their performances. The way she explained this was that it was something that can rarely be avoided. The porn industry demands a lot from actors especially the men. Whether they want it or not, they have to be able to produce penis erections that can last the whole duration of the act.

My take is that if these guys use pills to help them, then I believe every other man can use the same pills as well but not to be as Christopher Zeischegg by abusing the use. Men like to brag about their sexual prowess. I believe also that men should be using only safe and effective sexual enhancement supplements if they believe that they will help them in their sexual encounters. 

To Say The Final Word

We now know that male porn stars are just ordinary men just like you and me but they get help from certain sources to make them seem to be sexual powerhouse as we believe them to be.