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Find whether your partner’s profile is genuine or not

The profile photos uploaded by the genuine people usually look natural and don’t have any editing work. It is because they want to show their personality in their picture. They will always upload a full sized photo to show what they are wearing and how they look instead of doing the show-off by editing. They will always upload the photo with natural surroundings rather than posting a photo with unusual environment. 

Bio will connect to their photos  

You can know whether the partner is genuine or not by exploring their photos uploaded on their profile. If their photos are matching with the bio of their profile then it is a genuine profile and if doesn’t then it it’s not. For example, if the person has mentioned that he is working in corporate sector then he will usually upload the photos of his office and business meeting.  If the photos are not matching with bio then it is fake profile. In fact it is the best and the smartest way to know whether your partner is genuine not without investigating different angles and making his aware of the situation.      


Most of these profiles are public and there is no privacy so that they can attract more number of people.