How can you still have fun in your relationship, when the second wave of covid is upon us?

It cannot be denied that the coronavirus caused great damage to our society and even more so to our relationships. Without the possibility of dating many people’s relationships will fall apart and it is difficult to live sensibly during this period. So how to maintain this relationship so that it does not break up and you have fun on the run?

How to maintain relationships in self-isolation - BBC Future

You are unlikely to go out on a date this year

To get around in today’s cities you have to be patient, because it turns out that due to closed restaurants or reservations it is often impossible to meet in an interesting place, which can cause anger – after all, its the pandemic Yeah, but the quarantine was in effect once, but now it is a different matter. You can say that the era of pandemic is not a good time to take care of your relationship, but – this is the world we live in now – you have to adapt to it.  But if you care about this relationship, remember that meeting once a week is definitely not enough to build a satisfying, deep relationship. Unfortunately, in this case you have to try more, so inviting your partner home for the nth time may slowly meet your opponents. Here creativity is very important, so the more you try, the better the real effect for you.

Try watching porn with your significant other!

It may sound stupid at first, but watching with your SO may actually improve your sex life. In the case of normal adult use, i.e. from time to time pornography, yes, the possibility of addiction is very low. However, for young people this type of entertainment should be limited. Everything we watch somehow shapes our attitudes and perceptions, in this case it is about sex. This is especially true for young people who have not yet had sex.

Never forget respect for each other

People who can be polite to their partners even during a pandemic are much more likely to survive in this bad time. If your life goals fit together, it will be more than half the success. Values and goals are our internal compass, which enables us to move in the direction we choose. It turns out that the key to a good relationship is not only to have a healthy balance between sex and meeting each other, but also consistency in the level of values, because, as we have already mentioned, without this relationship, it cannot last long. It is difficult to reconcile two different world views, because they complicate the relationship, so you have to be aware of it and choose a partner who thinks like ours.

Covid-19 will let survive only the strongest relationships

Sometimes our own heart is fooled, maybe everyone has experienced a state of obsession, so sometimes it is difficult to think logically, because when we are with someone, even if it is a person who is not suitable for us, our mind will undertake We feel happy. The disadvantages of this person do not seem to exist, but sometimes the relationship is so harmful that you have to say no to yourself and just separate yourself from this person. At first we may feel desperate, but over time we will surely see that this separation suits us.