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How to give your partner a superb erotic massage

Erotic massage is a great opportunity to change something in your bed life, after all, it is quite an unusual option, and your partner or partner will almost certainly agree on something like that – after all, erotic massage helps to relax and is probably also able to turn your libido. But how to do it? Where to start? You will find out in a moment!

A good massage can help you feel like a newborn

There’s no denying that stress and fatigue can have a negative impact on your libido and therefore sex can be less great-feeling than you would like. One of the ways to reduce the effect is a proper, erotic massage.

It can play a triple role:

– it helps you to relax and helps you forget about your problems for a while.

– improves blood supply to the skin

– it makes for great foreplay

How to start the massage?

A good start is to buy a good massage oil. It should be slippery, the kind of olive oil consistency, but not sticky because if your partner has hair in some places – it can make you rip it out of his or her hair – which will make the massage counterproductive. But if you can get through this step – start with your back and neck.  Starting here is important, especially if your partner is tired. Do not forget your neck either. When the top of your back is well massaged, go to the bottom of your back. Here the massage has to be a bit softer – smooth your partner’s skin from the shoulder blades all the way to the cross, using your hands to move from the sides to the spine. However, do not press on the spine, because without skillful pressure you can hurt your partner. If the back of your partner’s body has been massaged, go to the front. To start a real massage, start pampering your partner’s erogenous zones (in women’s nipples, clitoris, ears or neck). How this ends – it’s up to you, you can stop after a while or go straight to sex. But obviously some men or women could be not into it, so it’s best to talk with your partner if he enjoys it or not.

How can you ,,spice” things up?

There are some special formula oils that have a heating or a cooling effect, so buying those may even further improve your foreplay. If you’re feeling a little extra frisky you may also include some of your favorite sex toys, or even do a threesome, where you massage one another. It’s your choice how will you treat this kind of pleasure, but in a long relationship this may even help you stabilize your relationship and feel like it’s a new thing again.