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How To Give Your Significant Other An Amazing Lap Dance

Whether you’ve got a romantic getaway planned or want to give your partner an extra special gift on their birthday, a lap dance is a great thing to surprise them with. Being extra sultry and sensual is always appreciated by a partner, and a lap dance gives them a great reason to be wowed by your dancing prowess. The best bit is that you don’t even need to be that great a dancer! Even if you lack any co-ordination, there are a few easy ways you can learn how to deliver an amazing lap dance that they’ll be thinking about for weeks. In this article, we go through these tips to help get you ready to please.

How to get started in giving great lap dances

If you’ve seen the magic worked by topless waiters on the Gold Coast and want to work the same kind of magic for your partner, you’re definitely not the only one. For someone who has never received a lap dance (or seen one, for that matter), but still wants to give their partner one regardless, knowing the basics can be a bit confusing. If you’re looking to give a lap dance, keep in mind that they should last about six minutes – although this may seem like a long time, it’s only a couple of songs back-to-back and will be over before you know it, so no need to panic about length. There are some things that can absolutely help the final performance, though – rather than just assuming you can create an amazing performance on the spot you should plan to some degree what your routine is going to look like. This will involve you organising your playlist ahead of time (just two sings, remember), consider a few moves that your body can handle, creating an awesome mood (dimmed lights and a few candles go a long way) and a whole lot of stretching beforehand. Even with considering these things, you’re already going to do a lot better than most first-timers, but there’s more you can do to make your lap dance even more memorable.

Preparing for the occasion

If you’re stuck on what to wear, consider some slip-on heels and some soft, comfortable pieces to minimise any possible friction. If you have some nice lingerie, now is the time to break it out, otherwise you might consider dressing up in-line with a fantasy your partner has. Whatever you decide to wear, if you make sure it’s layered you can spend a bit of time focusing on a strip-tease routine. In terms of music, consider anything that is slow and sexy. Seduction is what you’re trying to achieve here, so pairing your sexy moves with a slow, sultry song is the key to driving your partner wild.

As for actually giving the lap dance?

When it comes time for the big performance, first make sure your partner is in a comfortable position so they can admire the show. Then, start from a bit further back and slowly make your way towards your partner to build anticipation. Once you’re nice and close, start slowly moving your body with the music, speeding up as the music speeds up. Then you can start gyrating and making intense eye-contact, switching up positions by standing, sitting on your partner, and squatting. If you’re flexible, now is the time to show it off!