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How to recognize a woman’s sexual temperament?

Actually, one visit to a club or even a restaurant is enough to find out what your chosen one is in bed …

What miracle?

When you are in a restaurant – Pay attention to what they eat and how they eat … If a woman orders a traditional home-cooked meal, don’t expect to experiment in bed. It’s rather conservative. If you’re drawn to dinner by Mc Donald, don’t expect it to be incredibly romantic … And if the menu doesn’t really make a difference … Take it easy! It will be completely sluggish, no imagination and imagination … Just like an elephant in the proverbial warehouse of china.

If you are in a club – if you can drive, touch and feel comfortable. You can feel relief. In bed, her body will be absolutely free when you start to caress her.

What else? What to look for?

To order. Yes exactly. Why? If her apartment is fine, if she passed the “white glove …” test. Pedants have very high requirements and it’s easy to disappoint her expectations. Incredibly prohibitive anyway. Similarly, with the external appearance of the woman herself, if she does not part with the mirror and is a big sex bomb … in bed, she will focus only on herself and her needs.

For a sense of humor. Women who rarely laugh in bed are rather uninspired. They depend only on you. He loves to torment with questions like: But were you okay?

Do you realize that a woman’s profession can also tell a lot about how she is in bed?

The artists and journalists are very interesting, creative and like experiments in bed, although if you are looking for someone for a long time to create a serious relationship then you may have a problem with them. Which somehow does not particularly surprise us. And women politicians, businesswoman and IT professionals often have a “problem” in bed. People who are not required to intensify movement at work (accountant, IT specialist) in their “sexual exploits” are just … not as active as at work.

Also pay attention to whether a woman likes to play sports? If he pulls you out for a walk, swimming pool or gym, you can be sure that in bed she will also have energy for love games! If he invites you to a bungee jump … watch out! Because in bed she will have extreme requirements!