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Sex in Frankfurt: what services are popular?

Germany has always had a culture of brothels and red-light districts.

Brothels in Germany are mostly the European style laufhaus in which self-employed independent prostitutes occupy the rooms. The free women leave their doors open for clients, but some of the more modern laufhouses have a red/green light system.

Frankfurt brothels and Sauna Clubs

Like most German cities, there are plenty of ways to get service in Frankfurt regarding adult entertainment. Check the list of the city’s best sauna clubs and brothels in Frankfurt on the site

  • Crazy sexy, Elbestraße 49-53, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Crazy Sexy is one of Frankfurt’s largest, oldest, and most infamous brothels. You can find dominatrixes offering the whole BDSM/dungeon experience.

  • Eroscentre, Taunusstraße 26

It provides a high level of cleanliness throughout the area and a low turnover of prostitutes. As with any laufhaus populated by independent sex workers, plenty of options are available here, including full BDSM.

  • Label Treff, Hauptstraße 17, 65843 Sulzbach (Taunus)

Located about 15 km west of Frankfurt in the town of Sulzbach, you can find the small laufaus Labelle Treff. With a weekly change of girls, several dozen foreign girls can choose from.

  • Rotes House, Taunusstraße 34, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Rotes House is one of the city’s largest and most famous running houses in the heart of Frankfurt’s red-light district. As with most laufhouses, all rooms are designed according to visitors’ taste, but a few themed ones are popular.

  • Sex Inn, Taunusstrasse 27, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Being independent, each lady offers several different services at different prices, some of which specialize in massage or BDSM, while others may cater to more unusual perversions.

  • Villa Le Mirage, Biberer st. 259, 63071 Offenbach am Main

The interior has a classic atmosphere with lots of artsy furniture, gold-plated jewelry, and decorative elements. About a dozen women of different nationalities, shapes, sizes, and ages are working.

  • Bahama club, Marie-Curie-Ring 30, 63477 Maintal

Bahama Club offers a secluded and clean sauna experience. It’s modern but not a designer or boutique, and amenities are limited.

  • Club Darling, Siemensstrasse 36, 61130 Nidderau

The club has a variety of spaces, like a spa, bar, and lounge, as well as several private rooms. As for the women offering services, about two dozen of them, mainly from Italy, Romania, Latvia, and other Eastern European countries, as well as a few local women. 

  • FCC Mainhattan, Schielestraße 45, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

FKK Mainhattan has indoor and outdoor venues and is conveniently located in an easily accessible yet discreet part of Frankfurt. FKK Mainhattan has a good reputation for service and standards.

Best place for pleasure

If you prefer higher-class entertainment with sexy prostitutes, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the famous FFK Frankfurt Sauna Clubs. Most will offer a perfect spa and highly motivated girls at a reasonable price. Just remember to keep safe and don’t lose your head somewhere in pleasure.