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Sexten instead of texts – the sex Emoji code

Who hasn’t written messages with erotic allusions before? Heating up and teasing each other before the date – that can really get in the mood. But really “sexting” wants to be learned, especially if the message is also to be recognizable. Beginners start the virtual dirty talk with simple symbols. Gradually more and more routine comes and you begin to combine the “sex Emojis”. So the chat can continue without words and the erotic imagination takes control.

Sex Emojis for the male body

Here the selection is limited because men do not have as many objects of desire as a woman to offer. Aubergine, banana or the corn cob all represent the best piece of the man. To allude to his family jewels, eggs or nuts are used in sexting symbolism. If you want to allude to the ejaculation, just send the three drops or the popping champagne bottle.

Sex Emojis for the female body

When it comes to the woman’s body, countless sex Emojis come into question. The butt of the female sex can best be interpreted by the heart-shaped peach. If you want to point out the vagina, the honey pot, the donut, an open flower or even the cat (pussy) serve as a template. If you look closely, the tulip can also be wonderfully included for this. Just look at the arrangement of the petals and use your imagination. For your breasts, it is possible to use unmistakably melon or balloons. The open lips play on sensual things you can do with your mouth.

The erotic Emoji code: now it’s getting hot!

You just feel like it!? Then it shows with the devil Emoji. A Smiley with outstretched tongue, the single tongue, the open lips or the astonished Smiley stand for sensual oral intercourse. If you prefer a handjob, use the outstretched Hand or the fist with the pressed thumb. If one is more after a hot doggy style number, one sends the dog symbol. To allude to the missionary position, one uses the praying hands. The cute piggy means you like it messed up. Do you generally only allude to hot sex, you send the hot dog. The volcanic eruption or the fireworks stands for an outstanding orgasm in both sexes.

The combinations for the ultimate sexting success


There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to sexting. Your counterpart will already understand what you mean or what you are alluding to. Generally, there are no rules! But to be on the safe side, here are a few examples of unmistakable combinations of sex Emojis.

If she sends you an eggplant with her mouth open, she wants to know if you feel like a blowjob. If you send her the racy dancer in combination with the popping champagne bottle, it means that you now want a Spanish number with a Happy ending. A banana with the honey pot is not only a culinary Highlight at the Asia buffet, but combined with the volcanic eruption an allusion to super hot sex. If you send her the corn cob, the fist, and the three drops, it means that you want a Handjob to orgasm. If you just want to lick them passionately, you send the tongue, combined with the flower or tulip. You want anal sex to climax? Then the peach, the aubergine, and the three-drops are the right choice.

You see, any combinations can be formed. However, those who once got into the frenzy of sexting will come up with more and more innuendos and the sex chat will reach unimaginable heights. Whether as a heater before the date or as a purely virtual erotic relationship-sexting is hot!