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Tantra Massage as a Source of Sexual Energy

The tantric technique is considered as a special sort of massage. It allows everyone to get to know themselves more deeply, discover your sexuality, and strengthen your consciousness. You get a richer spectrum of emotions and your sexual energy rises up. Tantra means expansion and liberation. Consequently, this kind of massage will set you free from any complexes and intensity. During such a pleasant session, the entire human body turns into one continuous erogenous zone giving a feeling of blissful pleasure.

Moreover, it can be used as an amazing remedy capable of healing many ailments. It has a great impact on overall health because of strong connections at all levels. Even the sex itself does not give such close contact, because during the correct tantra massage there is an exchange of Yin and Yang energy which are closely intertwined with each other. Tantric massage includes male and female energy, flowing from one body to another, and enriching each other. It happens frequently that between professional masseuses and their patients’ feelings of affection can arise.

What is Significant for Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage for a man can be relaxing, stimulating, but in no case should it be done hastily. To enjoy such a massage means to surrender to the power of new sensations, and this implies the opportunity to forget about time. Any fuss, sudden movements, or distracting sounds can nullify all efforts and destroy the strong bond that is established during a session. A man needs to relax and enjoy the touch of a woman’s hands. The aim of such a massage is maximum relaxation to the point of losing physical boundaries, and getting maximum pleasure.

The atmosphere in which a tantra massage is carried out should set you up for relaxation, pleasure, and tranquility. Tightly closed curtains, slow, quiet music, flickering candles, and the scent of fine oriental oils will help create the right intimate atmosphere of seduction. During the massage, it is necessary to make the man feel bliss and lightness in his body. Therefore, it is extremely important to do everything properly as it is done at SweetTouch. If you are in Valencia, this is the place which will give you unforgettable memories and sensations.

Performance of a Tantra Massage

Masseuses at SweetTouch in Valencia use a variety of techniques during the massage. Movements should be unhurried and smooth. It is necessary to enjoy each other at the level of visualization. A necessary ingredient for tantra massage is body oil which has to be applied smoothly and carefully. One hand should be placed on the shoulder blades, and the other on the tailbone. It is very important to be in constant contact with each other’s bodies.

Gradually the power of touch can be increased. After reaching the coccyx area, it is worth going up to the back and continuing the manipulations. Then it is recommended to move on to performing a massage of the shoulders and arms. Moving slowly to the beat of the music, millimeter by millimeter, working on every part of the body will give a desirable effect. Movements should be soft and affectionate.

It is essential to pay special attention to those forbidden and delicate places that cannot be touched during a regular massage session. These are the feet, ears, lower pelvic region, sacrum, chest, and other erogenous zones. The integral part of tantra intimate massage is the caress of the male genitals, so it is important to do it right. A man should feel bliss and pleasure. He will achieve vivid orgasm and psychological harmony.