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The ultimate party: 5 tips for planning your mate’s bucks party

So, your mate has put you in charge of organising his bucks party, how lovely of him. He’s probably quite certain he can leave it in your capable hands and that you’ll organise the ultimate last fiesta. However, he failed to consider one thing: you’ve never organised a bloody party in your life!

Organising the bucks night can be overwhelming for people whose event planning skills are a little less Van Wilder and more… Fyre Festival guy. But look, you and the boys don’t have to spend the day eating stale ham and cheese sangas on a deserted island – you can throw the ultimate shindig with these helpful pieces of advice:

  • Get the right transport

Because you and the boys are going to be moving around all day you will want to do so in absolute style. So, what’s the best way to get around on this most momentous of occasions? Why, the best bucks party bus Sydney has, of course!

Fully equipped to host you and the crew in the most luxurious, party-pumping way possible, you can be sure that the beers will be flowing and the good times rolling in the ultimate form of getting A to B. The Hummer is made for hosting these types of occasions, ensuring the fridge is fully stocked, the tunes are pumping and the fellas have plenty of space to enjoy this ripper day!

  • It doesn’t all have to be lewd

Sure, there are going to be beers, boysiness and, likely, some lewd entertainment, but it doesn’t have to be that way all day! Why not start the adventure with a wholesome activity? Like go-karting, golf, paintball (probably less wholesome, really) or something else that will balance out the festivities and hopefully keep a couple of the crew sober until at least the early afternoon…

  • But then, of course, some of it could be…

Now that you’ve organised your wholesome activity, it’s time to consider the second act in the piece, the part of the night where things get cloudy, naughty and a little rambunctious.

What’s it going to be? A package at Sydney’s finest gentlemen’s club? A big ol’ soiree complete with adult entertainment at the local ruggers club? Or, just a ripping shindig with a few extra inclusions at one of the boy’s houses? Whatever it is, this night is made for letting the good times roll on into the early hours, enjoying each other’s company, reminiscing about past times and making new memories now and in the future!

  • Ensure everyone RSVPs

Because this event’s activities usually require upfront payments, you want to ensure that your mates have all RSVPd at least a few weeks before the event. Why? Because you don’t want to find yourself scrambling for cash to pay for an entertainment package only to find out a couple of the boys can’t make it!

So, put out the feelers early and then send out the invites with a clearly stated RSVP date to reply to.

  • Collect that coin

Look, you might not want to be the guy that has to go out of your way to collect the cash but your mate has put you in charge of the night – it’s just the way it goes. Once the crew have all RSVPd it’s time to ensure they put in the cash so that no one is left out of pocket on behalf of someone in the team they might not really know (awkward asking for it!).

So be sure to grab all the cash upfront and you’ll be set to go on the big day!