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Tips to spice up your boring sex life

Are you tired of the same marital missionary to please your wife or husband? Then it’s time to spice up your stale sex life. You must have heard how smart married couple prefers the entrance of a third person in their bed to try something fresh or new. Instead of stepping foot into a relationship outside the marriage, the consensual threesome or a foursome is quite viable. Still, if the moral bug is taking a toll on your mental peace then what about a sex doll? Have you ever Google by asking how to use sex dolls or how to buy a custom-made sex doll etc.? Then it’s time along with trying some new sex positions with your spouse or partner.

Here are some tips to heat up your bored sex life—

Try more foreplay

To rediscover your spouse of few years, try more foreplay. Read more Cosmo where they write about fascinating sex positions for enhancing the sex drive. Shop sex toys such as a pocket pussy, sex doll, dildo or a battery operated vibrator. Elevate the spirit of your partner and give him or her high orgasm. They would die for it even after years of marriage or relationship.

Consult a sexologist

Consult a good sexologist. Let this guy listen to your sex life and help you with fresh ideas to spice up your sexual endeavors.

Buy a sex doll

What about buying a different sex doll? Buy shemale sex dolls to try something fresh and new for the first time. If you already have a craving for shemales, you’ll have an excellent sex with it.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

If suffering from ED, time to cure the disease. Try yoga or go for therapies or treat your diabetes.

Eat healthy & improve lifestyle

East fresh and improve your lifestyle for a better sex life.