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Top 3 safety tips for an escort

The escort industry is one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays. Based on this, more people are trying to get into the industry. However, before you enter the escort business, you must learn some safety tips to ensure you are not harmed. Furthermore, the risk of being an escort is also high. Read and learn how to remain safe as an escort.
Prioritize personal safety by arriving with a trusted friend or informing someone about your whereabouts. Use agency-provided transportation when possible. Keep personal information private and avoid sharing personal social media profiles. Be cautious with alcohol consumption and stay hydrated. Maintain a fully charged phone and have emergency contacts saved. Trust your instincts—if a situation feels uncomfortable, remove yourself discreetly. Familiarize yourself with the event location and exits. If you encounter any concerns, inform the agency immediately. Remember, safety is paramount; never compromise it for any reason. Stay alert in unfamiliar surroundings. Trust your gut. Stick to well-lit areas. Maintain professionalism without compromising your well-being.

Get information

If you are working for an escort agency, they must have got the client’s details. Nevertheless, you must arm yourself with more details because you are at the forefront. Interface with the client and elicit more information from them during your conversation.
Upon confirmation, the agency securely shares essential client details for the meeting. This information includes meeting date, time, location, dress code, and specific expectations. Through encrypted communication channels, I ensure utmost privacy and professionalism in handling client data. Clear and timely communication guarantees seamless preparation and presentation, enhancing the overall event experience.

Set boundaries

After getting more information about your client, you need to set boundaries. Let your client know your boundaries and how you want to roll. Setting boundaries will let your client know what you like and don’t. Gently set those boundaries.
Setting boundaries as an escort is essential for maintaining professionalism and ensuring a comfortable work environment. Clear communication with clients and agency is key. Specify appropriate dress code, topics of conversation, and behaviour expectations. Respect personal space and avoid engaging in activities beyond the scope of the event. Politely decline any requests that violate your comfort or agency guidelines. Prioritize safety and maintain a courteous demeanour while upholding your role. Remember, boundaries protect both you and the clients, fostering a positive and respectful working relationship.

Give out your location

Whether you work for an escort agency or not, share your location with a fellow escort. The escort you share your location with should be trustworthy. This strategy is helpful because the escort will know your whereabouts if things go wrong. Sharing your location with a loved one who supports your job is also helpful.


Every job has hazards, and harassment and assault are recurrent in the escort industry. Some clients can be violent to escorts. No wonder some escorts carry pepper spray and other protective gadgets in their bags. Finally, apply with an escort Napoli that takes the safety of their girls seriously.