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Ways Women Can Make Themselves Feel Sexier

Regardless of what anyone might objectively say about how beautiful any woman is, it seems that just about every woman still goes through some degree of crisis when it comes to self-confidence. Some women simply find it impossible to think of themselves as sexy and desirable. What can they do?

There are some relatively simple things that women can do, in fact, to make themselves feel like the sex goddesses they really are inside:

1. Get Some Sexy Lingerie

Buying sexy corset sets online, or skimpy fantasy lingerie, has an amazing power to transform both for the women who wear them and the partners who behold them. The fact is that for most partners, they’ve never seen you or perhaps even thought of you in that context before (depending on how long you’ve known them).

Let them see you in a whole new light by donning sexy underwear and giving them a preview of just how sexy and lusty you can be. Many women find this kind of lingerie experience almost transformative in its power. Give it a go and see!

2. Build Up a Workout Routine

We know, we know! It’s hard to get up every day when you’re not feeling at your best, put on athletic clothes and go to a gym or other public place to exercise in front of other people…or even worse, in front of a mirror, eek! Here’s the thing, though. As hard as it is to begin with, when you start on an exercise routine, things only get better and better as time goes on.

The more you do, the more endorphins you release, the more body fat you shed and keep away, thus steadily building your confidence and self-esteem. One of the key moments you really start to feel sexier from exercise is when you get that first look from a cutie across the room, or when you suddenly find you fit into smaller-sized clothing.

3. Get New Clothes

Speaking of clothing, new clothes can also do wonders for your self-image. Many women feel dowdy and unsexy because they wear the same old things day-in day-out. This has especially become true in the age of the pandemic and working from home. Get yourself a really nice new outfit and wear it with pride on a sunny day to show off your swagger!

4. Improve Your Bed Situation

It’s hard to get into the mood for sex when your bed feels uninviting and run-down. When was the last time you spent money on improving your sleeping situation at home? Invest money in nice, high-quality linens, soft pillows, sumptuous duvets, and a superb mattress. It seems expensive at first, but don’t forget that you will be visiting that bed every single night, be it for sleep or other nocturnal activities. It’s worth spending more money on it.

One of the main reasons hotels often feel so much sexier and more enjoyable for a weekend of fun with your partner is because they invest in beds that are just a pleasure to be in.

5. Eat Well and Cut Back on Vices

Finally, avoiding stodgy foods and cutting back on vices like smoking and drinking will also do wonders to help you feel sexier, as well as just feeling better in general. Eating vitamin-rich nutritious food will fill you with vigour and energy to help you feel at your best all day long. And cutting out smoking will help you not smell like an ashtray, and will also mean you don’t hack and cough, two things that are very far from sexy.